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Materials & Care

Made with love

There may be slight differences, inclusions or minor flaws (eg. small tool marks or uneven surfaces) on jewellery - this is part of the uniqueness of each piece. Please take it into consideration when you are ordering from us, we think it makes each one even more special! 

Materials & Care

All of our silver pieces are solid sterling silver.

Gold necklaces, bracelets and larger rings are constructed out of 18ct yellow gold plated brass. We use 1 micron gold plating, a very high quality that will ensure your piece retains its gold finish and will not ‘rub’ off. 

Gold earrings are 18ct yellow gold plated sterling silver.

Some of the finer rings (eg. Double Double ring) are solid 9ct gold. We can also make most pieces in solid 9ct gold. If you would like a quote please email Please note special orders will take between 4-6 weeks.

All of our metals are nickel free.

32.4 pieces are precious objects that should be handled with care. In order for your piece to retain its beauty, follow the below care instructions:

  • Avoid contact with liquids (salt water, perfume, chemicals, body lotions, chlorine etc)
  • Avoid impact with hard surfaces
  • Protect from moisture
  • Keep away from all sources of heat
  • Use a metal jewellery polishing cloth to clean and restore shine
  • Store in the 32.4 pouch &/or box when not worn