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Meet our Mayhem Series model


Genevieve LW

Growing up I thought... You were a fully fledged adult with a mortgage and babies in your 20s But now I know... I might have to wait to my 40s or beyond. I couldn’t live without... My teddy.  I’m obsessed with... atm…Hazlenut milk. The last book I read was.. The last good book I read was You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me by Simon Napier Bell- Manager of the Yarbirds among others. It’s his account of the music industry and London in the 60s with all it’s drunken debauchery, Fab. Not many people know that…. I was a dancer for 18 years and a make up artist before I started modelling. My style is... Eclectic and ever changing. My wardrobe is full of... Black, Lace and Sequins, oversized sunglasses and flares. My defining personality trait...ughhhhh may have to ask one of my friends this one but I’d say determined and outgoing. I never thought I would… Live in so many different countries.  The most exciting place right now is...for me Cuba, I want to see it so bad. If I could live anywhere in the world..Maybe NYC…could also go a total life change and throw it all in for somewhere like Costa Rica or the Maldives. My indulgence is... Chocolate or anything sweet! I unwind by... Going to the markets or the park. Right now I really want to….. Go to the beach and dive under the waves. Favourite thing to do in London… I love a lazy day at Broadway Market with a picnic in the park and then heading to a great party. Jewellery to me is... Symbolic, an expression of personality and necessary with any outfit. My most treasured piece...A silver locket that was my Grandmothers, one of mum's engagement rings and a classic gold band my dad had made for his family in his 20s which I inherited from my Grandmother.